UPUA Changes Election Date, Passes Two Resolutions

The University Park Undergraduate Association held its weekly meeting on Wednesday, January 28th in room 302 of the HUB-Robeson Center.

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Without any special presentation this week, President Ganjam and Vice President McDonald gave their reports. Most notably, President Ganjam promised more to come in regards to the Diversity Statement. Vice President McDonald reported on the upcoming THAW events that will be taking place at the end of February.

Liaisons from the Off-Campus Student Union (OCSU), Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS), and State College Borough presented. The liaison from OCSU announced that the housing fair would take place this Saturday, January 31st in Alumni Hall. The ARHS liaison informed the assembly that the movie this weekend at the HUB will be Horrible Bosses 2 and that a reusable mug program through the dining commons was being discussed.

The UPUA confirmed its new Executive Consultant for Mental Health and Wellness Garret Warmbein, Director of Communications Greg Schlosser, and At-Large Representative Brent Rice. Last semester, Warmbein was the Chair of the Mental Health and Wellness Roundtable and a member of the UPUA assembly. Schlosser has had much experience in the Department of Communications prior to being confirmed; last semester, Schlosser held the title of Press Secretary under the direction of Taylor Olson. Last on the agenda to be confirmed was Brent Rice. In addition to sitting on the Freshman Council, Rice has been actively involved with the Student Life committee of UPUA.

The first piece of legislation brought to the floor was Policy 10-09, which moved to change the date of the yearly UPUA Elections. Last year the UPUA held its first annual Steps for State, an event planned in coordination with the Grassroots Network to lobby Pennsylvania state legislators. With this event coinciding with Election Day, the UPUA decided it was in the best interest of the student body to change the official Election Date to the first Wednesday of April. The policy passed with a vote of 33-2.

The evening proceeded with two resolutions. The first, Resolution 22-09, Support of Installation of Hydration Stations, passed with a vote of 35-0. The resolution encourages the Facilities Fee Advisory Committee (FFAC) to allocate a portion of its $250,000 budget to install more hydration stations in highly trafficked locations on campus. These “highly trafficked locations” will be determined through the collaborative efforts of the FFAC and the Office of the Physical Plant (OPP).

The final piece of legislation, Resolution 23-09: Support for Permanent Student on Project Decision Review Board, was voted on and passed with a vote of 35-0. With this resolution, the UPUA supports the addition of a student to the Project Decision Review Board (PDRB). The board, comprised of senior administrators, focuses mainly on the future construction and improvement of academic buildings.

Academic Affairs Chair Emily Miller reported on important activity in the Faculty Senate. Most notably, the Senate tabled one proposal, which suggested new learning objectives for general education. With the changing pace of the world, robust general education reform is paramount to the success of all Penn State students, Chair Miller believes.

The sexual assault and harassment taskforce will be releasing its highly-anticipated statement on January 29. Comprised of eleven members, three of whom students, the taskforce began work on this issue in the fall and will be offering 18 recommendations to the university. The taskforce has already orally presented their findings to President Barron.

There are currently open positions on the Judicial Board and in the general assembly. Applications for these positions can be found on the UPUA’s website www.upua.org. In addition, the athletic department purchased 100 tickets for students to go to the Ohio State vs. Penn State hockey game at the end of February. Distribution of the tickets has yet to be announced. The meeting closed at 9:15 p.m., and the next Assembly meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 4 at 8:00 p.m. in room 302 HUB-Robeson Center.