Sexual Violence Awareness Week to kick off April

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — In conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the UPUA (University Park Undergraduate Association) is pleased to announce that Sexual Violence Awareness Week will take place from April 6 to April 10. Counselors will be on hand at tables in the HUB throughout the entire week, and events like keynote speakers, restaurant fundraisers, and a self-defense seminar will take place throughout the week. In addition, free “Only Do It With Consent” shirts will be available at every event.

Penn State alumna Jasmin Enriquez kicks off the week with a presentation in Alumni Hall at 6 p.m. on Monday. The keynote speech will touch on her experiences and the importance of consent. Enriquez was the original founder of Sexual Violence Awareness Week, and she started her own non-profit called Only With Consent upon graduation.

Other highlights throughout the week include a showing of “The Mask You Live In,” which examines the harmful norms of masculinity in American culture and how these norms fail American boys and men. There will also various presentations and seminars all week that cover topics ranging from bystander intervention and sexual assault survivor support.

There will also be a presentation that aims to address the public debate surrounding the dangers of false allegations of sexual assault. There is a public impression that false allegations are common and that innocent people suffer as a result of being wrongfully accused. Essentially, there are several reasons why a person can find him or herself wrongly accused of a sexual offense or crime of any kind, varying from rape to the alleged making, possession, or distribution of indecent images. The allegations might be entirely false or, as is sometimes the case with rape or touching allegations, it may be that consent is the issue at hand. Consequently, this presentation aims to address how bucks county criminal lawyers and other sexual assault defense lawyers typically deal with sexual assault cases in a respectful and sensitive manner.

In addition, Pita Cabana, Chipotle, and Five Guys are hosting fundraisers throughout the week to benefit the Centre County Women’s Resource Center (CCRC). These fundraisers should really benefit that center. However, if you want to start your own fundraiser for this important cause, you could consider doing a special fundraiser to encourage people to donate. For some ideas and inspiration, it might be worth reading over to see if any of those fundraising ideas suit you. Once you’ve got one, you can start an online fundraiser to try and make as much money as you can for a sexual assault awareness charity of your choice.

The week closes out with a mattress carry around campus to show support and solidarity for survivors of sexual violence.

If you have any questions concerning the week, please contact Melissa McCleery at

For a full list of events, see the calendar below.

Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Calendar of Events

Date/Time/Location Host Details
Monday, April 6th
4/6/2015, 10am – 3pm, HUB Tables PHREE Tabling
4/6/2015, 5pm – 8pm, Pita Cabana UPUA Pita CabanaFundraiser for CCWRC (no flier needed)
4//6/2015, 6pm UPUA Jasmin Enriquez Keynote
Tuesday, April 7th
4/7/2015, 11am – 4pm, HUB Tables UPUA Tabling
4/7/2015, 5:30 pm, Freeman Aud. GPSA Movie Screening and Discussion
4/7/2015, 2pm – 5pm, Chipotle UPUA Chipotle Fundraiser for CCWRC (mention fundraiser or show flier)
Wednesday, April 8th
4/8/2015, 11am – 4pm, HUB Tables UPUA Tabling
4/8/2015, 12:30 pm, Freeman Aud. CCWRC Sexual Assault 101
4/8/2015, 6 pm, West Study Lounge – Waring Commons Katie Tenny/CAPS and CWS Bystander Intervention Seminar
Thursday, April 9th
4/9/2015, 11am – 4pm, HUB Tables UPUA Tabling
4/9/2015, 12 pm, Pollock Rd. and Freeman Aud. CWS, MAV, PHREE, IFC Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
4/9/2015, 5 pm – 8 pm, Five Guys UPUA Five Guys Fundraiser for CCWRC (mention fundraiser)
Friday, April 10th
4/10/2015, 11am – 4pm, HUB Tables UPUA Tabling
4/10/2015, Daytime, Across Campus TRIOTA Mattress Carry
Other April Events
4/14/2015, 3:30 pm, Garden Room – Pasquerilla Spiritual Center CWS Craft Your Story
4/14/2015, 6:30 pm, Memorial Lounge – Pasquerilla Spiritual Center CWS Honoring Survival
4/23/2014, 6pm, Old Main Lambda Theta Alpha Take Back the Night