Statement From President Ganjam on Proposed Appropriation Increase

Earlier today, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf proposed a 23 percent increase in state appropriations to Penn State. This is a $49.6 million increase from last year’s appropriation, and it validates the UPUA’s continuous support of increased funding for higher education in Pennsylvania. More importantly, this commitment reflects Governor Wolf’s dedication to providing educational opportunities for all Pennsylvanians.

Over the past four years, state appropriations to Penn State have been consistently detrimental to students searching for an affordable education at a world class institution. In the 2011-12 State Budget, Penn State’s general appropriation decreased from $304 million in 2010-11 to $214 million, a difference of $90 million and a decrease of 30 percent. In the years since that detrimental cut, Penn State’s general appropriation has been essentially flat. This 23 percent increase, while long overdue, answers the cries of the students who have been negatively impacted by inadequate state appropriations.

Moving forward, the UPUA, along with the CCSG and the GPSA, will continue to advocate for Penn State to be affordable in a way that supports our current and future students, the mission of our University, and President Barron’s strategic initiatives. I commend Governor Wolf for his commitment and dedication to higher education. The UPUA, along with other student organizations, will continue to advocate for similar increases in the coming years. We recognize the benefits of this increased appropriation for Penn State, and I am hopeful the state legislature will support this proposed budget.


Anand Ganjam

President, University Park Undergraduate Association