UPUA Agrees, Passes Six Pieces of Legislation

The UPUA held its first meeting in three weeks on Wednesday, March 18th at 8:00 p.m. in room 302 HUB-Robeson Center. Following the cancellation from two weeks ago and last week’s spring break, the UPUA had six pieces of legislation on its docket, passing all but one unanimously.

Presenting on the relationship between Penn State and State College, State College Borough Manager Tom Fountaine started the meeting after roll call and open student forum. Fountaine applauded the efforts made on both sides to foster a healthy college-college town relationship. Despite the conflict that arises on occasion, Fontaine noted the positive discourse and progress when he said, “We collaborate an awful lot…in a very open and collaborative way.”

Following Manager Fountaine’s presentation, President Anand Ganjam discussed the different transportation programs that may be taking effect in the fall, including a proposed bike-share program. Vice President Emily McDonald followed President Ganjam and the meeting moved onto the liaisons’ reports.

Subsequent a ten-minute caucus breakout, the first item under New Business was the confirmation of Judicial Board Justice Allen Vayner. With a vote of 30-6, Vayner was voted in as a new Judicial Board Justice and sworn in thereafter.

The next item on the agenda, and only bill of the evening, was Bill #13-09, Steps for State Funding. In all, the UPUA voted 36-0 in favor of the bill to spend $1,100 for the Capital Day excursion’s expenditures.

Five resolutions followed the passing of Bill #13-09. Resolution #29-09, Advising Feedback System, urges all academic colleges to adopt a feedback system for students to assess their academic advisors at the end of each semester. The resolution passed unanimously and was followed by Resolution #30-09, Support of Amending Faculty Senate Policy 47-20: Basis for Grades. Also passing unanimously, this legislation proposes that the new Senate Policy include a section requiring instructors to provide students with their grades for all individual assignments through the Learning Management System, in addition to a mid-semester notification of grades.

Resolution #31-09, Support of Amending Faculty Senate Policy 43-00: Syllabus, passed unanimously. This resolution supports the Faculty Senate’s amendment that the syllabus for any course must remain available to students electronically. This was the fourth piece of legislation to pass unanimously. Resolution #32-09, Support of Course Attempt Limit, met some opposition in the assembly. After one of the longest debates of the evening, this resolution passed 35-1.

The final piece of legislation on the floor was Resolution #33-09, Support of Prerequisite Checking. The assembly voted unanimously to support the two tiers of prerequisite checking within the new LionPATH system.

At 9:45 p.m., this Wednesday’s meeting was adjourned. This was one of the last assembly meetings of the 9th Assembly, with 10th Assembly elections taking place on April 1st. The next meeting will be held next Wednesday, March 25th at 8:00 p.m. in room 302 HUB-Robeson Center.