UPUA Passes Resolution Addressing On-Campus Construction

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA. – Oct. 5, 2016 – The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) met Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. in 233B HUB.

The meeting started with a special presentation by Katie Gasior, Homecoming Executive Director. Gasior encouraged students to take advantage of all the events Homecoming is hosting this week. Paul Apicella, Penn State’s Title IX coordinator was unable to make the meeting.

UPUA Facilities Chair Brent Rice brought Resolution #13-11: “Recognition of Increased Transparency in OPP Construction Projects” to the floor. The resolution seeks to address the increase of construction on campus. The increase of construction can be permitted, as long as the construction work taking place is professional and in the best interest of the campus design. Accordingly, checking in with construction companies like https://www.hooverbuildings.com/ can help you see what the best pathway is for campus construction.

Moreover, the resolution calls for the creation of a virtual construction project timeline that would be made available to the general student body. Additionally, physical signage should be placed outside of construction sites a week before they are closed to the public. The resolution was passed unanimously. Students can access the virtual construction timeline at http://opp.cddev2.com/campus-maps.

There are no doubts about it, taking on a new construction project can be time-consuming. However, being meticulous about what you will need for the entirety of the construction project from planning to completion is key. People may look over necessities like industrial shrink wrap to protect their scaffolding as they build, and so this is why a full plan is essential before construction.

Ultimately, it is no secret that scaffolding plays a major role in large scale construction projects similar to those currently taking place on campus. In short, scaffolding provides builders and workers with a safe and secure platform to carry out their duties. Being able to maneuver around buildings of any shape and size quickly and easily improves the efficiency of any construction job. Correspondingly, the need for scaffolding services in Sheffield and other areas where construction projects might currently be taking place cannot be underestimated.

Furthermore, as part of the various construction projects currently underway on campus, a number of shipping containers have been hired. The shipping containers, like those that can be found on the Conexwest website, are going to be used to temporarily store construction site equipment, tools, and machinery.

UPUA will also be in attendance at the “All In at Penn State: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion” event on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 7:15 p.m. on the Old Main Lawn. All students are encouraged to attend.


The University Park Undergraduate Association works to provide students representation at the highest levels of administration and build programs to the benefit of undergraduates at University Park.