UP Student Fee Board to Vote on CAPS Funding and Consider Multiple Requests for Funding

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA. – Feb. 16, 2017​ – The University Park Student Fee Board will meet on Friday Feb. 17 at 8 a.m. in 201 Old Main. At the meeting, the Board will consider a request for funding from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The proposal calls for the creation of a University-wide $15/student/semester mental health expenditure of the Student Initiated Fee to ensure that the University can provide mental health services to all students.

Early Child Care Programs and Services will present their request for funding for the next academic year. Funded since 1997 by student fees and other monies, the Child Care Subsidy Program has supported hundreds of students with continued enrollment, persistence towards, and graduation from Penn State. The proposal provides three different levels of funding for the Board to consider:

● A proposed fee expenditure of $2/student/semester, which would support close to level funding with the student activity funding for 2016-17 (of approximately $165,000) for 2017- 2018.

● A proposed fee expenditure of $2.50/student/semester, which would support approximately $206,000 in funding to eligible student parents. This amount is projected to meet the need for this service in 2017-2018.

● A proposed fee expenditure of $3.00/student/semester, which would support approximately $248,000 in funding and would be utilized to fund all eligible student parents as well as marketing efforts at University Park. Revenue from the fee would be used to:

● Prioritize awards to students who are:

○ Pell-eligible.
○ Have a combined household income of 200% or lower of the federal poverty line.
○ Are first generation students.
○ Have active military status.

● Support student parents in enrolling their child(ren) in quality child care programs by:

○ Requiring child care centers to be licensed and hold at least a Keystone Star 2 rating and have a plan for obtaining accreditation and/or a star 4 rating within three years.
○ Providing child care tuition assistance in the amount of up to75% of each child’s tuition each month.

The Student Sustainability Advisory Committee will present their request for funding for the next academic year. The proposal calls for the creation of a “Green Fee” expenditure in the amount of $5/student/semester which would collect funds each semester from the dedicated Student Initiated Fee, and would be used to finance sustainable projects on the PSU campus and beyond. The proposal states that the fee would generate $530,000 to be used annually for sustainable initiatives. The revenue will be used to:

● Support facilities upgrades and other renovations on campus.

● Fund student projects and research to encourage more student engagement in sustainable
programs and help student clubs aimed towards sustainability.

● Create an endowment fee to fund projects for the next academic year.

In addition to these presentations, the Board will discuss the current state of facility-related debt pertaining to past projects funded with student fee dollars, including the HUB and IM Building projects, and what amount of next year’s Student Initiated Fee would be needed to pay off some of this debt. Time permitting, the Board will also discuss standing allocations and the creation of a “Student Organization Liquidity Program.”

The meeting is open to the public. Students are strongly invited to attend and participate during Public Comment.


The University Park Undergraduate Association works to provide students representation at the highest levels of administration and build programs to the benefit of undergraduates at University Park.

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