General Assembly Meeting: December 5, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – December 5, 2018 – The University Park Undergraduate Association held its weekly assembly meeting on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 8:03 p.m. in the HUB.

Confirmation of the new Chief Justice, Jonathon Kinney, was the first order of new business. Kinney is a Senior, who is currently in his fourth year in student government. His main initiative is to have an uncontroversial and smooth election season. He also discussed the potential development of vetting the community seats, with the potential to add to the judicial codes. He was confirmed unanimously.

Bill 09-13, “Funding for Menstrual Product Pilot Program”, was discussed next. The program introduced a preliminary pilot with the goal of gathering data each day of how many pads and tampons were taken from dispensers. A survey was conducted at the end of the program where students gave overwhelmingly positive responses. The bill calls for partnering with Aunt Flow, a company that provides menstrual products, to order 8,500 pads and 8,500 tampons in four dispensers throughout the HUB-Robeson Center for a total of $3,500. The bill was passed unanimously.

Bill 10-13, “Support of Career Services’ Professional Attire Closet”, will allow the UPUA to aid in the renovation of the space. The UPUA will fund the expense of one standing mirror, one wall mirror, and 1,000 garment bags to be used by Career Services for the Professional Attire Closet for a total of $2,732.70. Additionally, the UPUA will be supporting the renovation of the space to have a permanent location. The bill was passed unanimously.

Bill 11-13, “Establishment of Student Poverty Awareness Week 2019”, would allow for the establishment of the week-long events and highlight the resources for student’s financial wellbeing and how to take action in the State College Area. Other activities include blanket making, toiletry bag donations, and more. The UPUA will also be partnering with State of State to have an hour-long talk to discuss the experiences of students facing poverty. The bill was passed unanimously.

Resolution 16-13, “Support of Additional Resources in Advising Unit”, was the next order of new business. The resolution would have the UPUA distribute resources to academic advising units to allow them to incorporate wellness and student life tools into their offices throughout the campus. As well, the Department of Communications will be charged with the responsibility of disseminating the information and promoting this expansion through all appropriate channels. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Resolution 17-13, “Support of the Office of Student Conduct Joint Statement”, was the next thing on the agenda. The Office of Student conducts aims to create a safe living and learning environment for all students at Penn State. During the past summer, the UPUA and the Office of Student conduct reviewed the Penn State conduct process to ensure it upholds the most just values. The UPUA and the Office of Student Conduct have constructed a joint statement to send to students and student organizations as soon as they begin the conduct process. The resolution was passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:23 p.m.