Statement by the President on Recent On-Campus Sexual Assault Occurances

October 3rd, 2020

Last night, three separate sexual assaults were reported to Penn State Police. The incidents, which all occurred between midnight and approximately 4:45 a.m., occurred in East Halls and at Nittany Apartments. I denounce these acts and extend my support to the survivors of these incidents and any similar incidents that have happened in our community.

Additionally, it is Penn State’s obligation to create a safe and supportive community for victims of sexual assault and their allies. These reports do not go unnoticed by the University Park Undergraduate Association, and emphasize that more must be done to address the problems of sexual assault, discrimination and misconduct on our campus and at universities across the country. I plan to follow up with administrators to learn how we can help in those efforts. 

CAPS provides confidential support for students who have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, exploitation, and other incidents through individual counseling, support groups, and emergency appointments. Also, Penn State Student Affairs provides Victim & Survivor Support & Advocacy services that mainly focus on dating, domestic, and relationship violence concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

To report an incident of sexual assault and/or misconduct, please utilize the contact information below.

Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response: 814-867-0099 

Title IX Coordinator, Affirmative Action Office: 814-863-0471

Penn State Hotline (anonymous reporting): 800-560-1637

Penn State Police: 814-863-1111

State College Police: 814-234-7150 or 911