Statement on Recent Cabinet Resignations and Openings


November 21, 2020

On Nov. 13th, 2020, Executive Director Rachel Chormanski submitted her resignation from the post of Executive Director of Finance. President Zachary McKay and Vice President Lexy Pathickal are grateful for her years of service to the UPUA, and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. As per the UPUA Constitution, Chief of Staff Michael Mitole will serve as the Acting Executive Director of Finance until the position is filled. In the interim, the Acting Executive Director of Finance will be assisted by President McKay and the UPUA Advisor, Barry Bram, in fulfilling the responsibilities as the organization’s treasurer. The application was made available within 48 hours of the resignation.

On Nov. 18th, 2020, President McKay asked for the resignation of Executive Director Ker Sidhu on the grounds of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct in her official capacity as Executive Director of Sustainability. Her letter of resignation was submitted the same day. Deputy Director of Sustainability Rene Richardson will serve as Acting Executive Director of Sustainability until the position is filled.

Applications for Executive Director of Finance and for Executive Director of Sustainability are open, are available to all undergraduate students at University Park, and can be found on the UPUA’s website at

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