Executive Order Authorizing the Establishment of the University Park Civic Engagement Roundtable as an Extension of the Department of Civic Engagement



Executive Order 06

January 20th, 2021






By the authority invested in me as President by the Constitution of the University Park Undergraduate Association, it is hereby ordered as follows: 


Section 1. Establishment. 

  1. It is a yearly endeavor of this student government to facilitate efforts to increase civic engagement among the student body. Efforts to facilitate communication among various stakeholders, though, have often fallen through from year to year. The PSU Votes Roundtable, which has been recreated by the General Assembly in recent time, has neither convened nor created a continuous channel of communication for its members. 

  2. In an effort to establish this critical and sustainable line of communication, the University Park Civic Engagement Roundtable (Roundtable) shall be created and exist in perpetuity.

  3. The Roundtable shall be led by the Department of Civic Engagement, and its records shall be maintained by the Department of Records. The Department of Outreach shall aid in the sending of invitations to sit on the Roundtable at the discretion of the UPUA President.


Sec. 2. Mission and purpose. 


  1. The Roundtable shall be organized and led by a Director of Civic Partnerships, of the Department of Civic Engagement, with the advice, consent, and support of the Executive Director of Civic Engagement. 

  2. The Roundtable shall consist of representatives from diverse and interested organizations, including but not limited to the UPUA Committee on Governmental Affairs, Penn State Recognized Student Organizations, Penn State Offices, Penn State Institutes, State College community groups, and knowledgeable and interested individuals who request to join via the UPUA Website and who are accepted at the discretion of the UPUA Executive Director of Civic Engagement, with the consent of the UPUA President.

  3. The Roundtable shall serve as the primary communication channel to inspire new and promote existing civic engagement events and opportunities across the University Park campus. 

    1. The Roundtable shall exist as a nonpartisan entity and operate in line with the rules and values of the UPUA, Penn State, and the law. 

    2. The Roundtable shall not exist to serve as an action committee for any political candidate, nor may it endorse any candidate or political party; however, it may serve as a private forum for members/organizations to share opportunities to interact with candidates and elected officials from across the political spectrum with other members/organizations. 

    3. The Roundtable shall be considered an extension of the UPUA’s Department of Civic Engagement, in line with its mission and the mission of the UPUA.

    4. Members of the Roundtable not already holding General Business Membership within the UPUA shall not automatically construe themselves to be members of the UPUA or the Department of Civic Engagement.





January 20, 2021.