Executive Order Establishing the Department of Health and Wellness



Executive Order 04

January 12th, 2021







By the authority invested in me as President by the Constitution of the University Park Undergraduate Association, it is hereby ordered as follows: 


Section 1. Establishment. 

  1. It is a yearly endeavor of this student government to facilitate efforts addressing the health and wellness of the undergraduate student body. However, obvious logistical problems posed by the General Assembly’s limited size and consistent turnover leave many areas of students’ health and wellness unaddressed and under-researched by their student government. Further, these efforts are generally constrained to week-long events in accordance with the General Assembly’s schedule rather than consistent efforts to promote diverse and vital health resources to students year-round. As such, the Department of Health and Wellness (Department) shall be created. 

  2. The Department’s structure and actions shall be recorded by the Department of Records for the purpose of maintaining sustainable practices for all future administrations of the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA)’s Executive Branch.


Sec. 2. Mission and purpose. 


  1. The Department shall be headed by the Executive Director of Health and Wellness, and shall be developed and structured by that Executive Director in consultation with the President. 

  2. It shall function to develop, expand, and oversee the consistent facilitation of UPUA activities related to researching student health and wellness including but not limited to students’ mental health, emotional well-being, anxiety and other health-related disorder management, sexual health, physical health and exercise, dietary and nutritional health, and general wellness, as well as promoting resources pertaining to those areas.





January 12, 2021.