UPUA Leadership Announces Creation of UPUA Confidential Reporting Tool

For Immediate Release

January 27th, 2020

State College, PA – Today, the leadership of the UPUA’s Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches announced the creation of the organization’s Confidential Reporting Tool. This online form allows members of the Penn State Community to hold members of the UPUA accountable by sharing reports of misconduct or wrongdoing related to their service in the UPUA. These reports will be reviewed by the organization’s advisor, and will be followed up on by the advisor if contact information is provided. Anonymous reports may be submitted, but may be impossible to follow-up on. Reports will not be accessible to any members of the UPUA unless explicitly authorized by the submitter.

The form should not be used to report incidents of sexual misconduct; rather, students are highly encouraged to submit such reports to the Title IX Office. Students who submit a report through this Confidential Reporting Tool are protected against retaliation according to University Policy AD 67. 

Reporters with Penn State Access Accounts who wish to include multimedia files in their report may use a secondary form for file uploads, though because Penn State IT strictly prohibits anonymous file transfers, the form will collect their account information. Those without Penn State Access Accounts may email their supporting files to the UPUA Advisor. 

The Confidential Reporting Tool can now be found on the UPUA website and will remain open in perpetuity. Reporters are very strongly encouraged to read all the instructions and perform their due diligence to ensure that this tool is the most appropriate tool to report an issue. 

The UPUA’s Confidential Reporting Tool can be found here: https://www.upua.org/confidential-reporting-form/ 

Reports of sexual misconduct, violations of the student code of conduct, instances of bias, and other conflicts not related to UPUA member’s conduct with regard to their service in the organization should be reported here: https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/report

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