Recent Legislation Announcement

On Sunday, March 21, 2021, President McKay signed into effect the following Acts of the Assembly:

Resolution 55-15: In Support of Zero Waste Commitment from University Park Student Organizations

This Resolution calls on all student organizations, including itself, to dedicate themselves to waste reduction and achieving zero waste within the next decade. This process should include delineating specific waste reduction goals and targets with actionable steps outlined to do so. Specifically, organizations should aim to achieve a waste reduction goal of 80-90% diversion in the next five years. In the following five years, efforts should be undertaken to achieve complete zero-waste status.

The UPUA will provide resources for organizations that pledge to move towards completing the zero waste goals listed above. Presently, the UPUA is already providing student membership to the Post-Landfill Action Network, or PLAN, a self-described “network of student leaders working to create a world without waste.” This membership provides access to manuals and resources, leadership training and workshops, discounts to zero-waste companies, advising services, and a collaborative network of other institutions and is available to all Penn State students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

Resolution #56-15: Calling on The Pennsylvania State University to Completely Divest from Fossil Fuel Holdings

This Resolution, on behalf of the University Park Undergraduate Student Body and in recognition of the environmental, economic, and ethical consequences of fossil fuel investment by The Pennsylvania State University, calls on Penn State to: “(1) freeze all future investments in fossil fuels; (2) immediately construct institutional targets to sell all holdings in firms that extract, produce, refine, sell, store, or transport oil, gas, and coal by December 31st, 2026; and (3) redirect these investments to wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energy, with an emphasis on a just energy transition for frontline communities and displaced workers.”

“The UPUA implores Penn State to further align with the Penn State code of ethical values – Integrity, Responsibility, and Community. The UPUA acknowledges the financial and health burden on Pennsylvanians caused by fossil fuels and calls on the university to completely divest from fossil fuel holdings as a method of enacting climate justice, racial justice, and economic justice.”

“The UPUA urges the university, at all relevant levels of governance, including the Board of Trustees and the University Investment Council, to respond with public comment on the state of Penn State’s fossil fuel divestments, and include a summary of future plans for divestment.”

“The UPUA calls on the student Trustee selection committee to heavily emphasize the value of sustainability in potential candidates while selecting the next student Trustee–specifically by preferring students who are knowledgeable and actionable in the domain of sustainable development and investment.”

Bill #23-15: Funding for Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention 2021 Tabling

This Bill authorizes the distribution of Student Fee Dollars to be used in distributing resources related to Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention in collaboration with the Lion Ambassadors, Gender Equity Center, and Centre Safe.

The UPUA will host a tabling event during the days of Friday, April 2nd through Tuesday, April 6th on the HUB Lawn from 11 AM to 3 PM to raise awareness about events on campus as well as educate students about resources.

Policy #14-15: Revisions to The UPUA Bylaws & Operation Code to Clarify and Update the Operation of Liaisons

This Policy resolves several contradicting powers and processes related to UPUA Liaisons and student appointees to university committees and boards.