Elections Information

About UPUA Elections

Elections for the University Park Undergraduate Association are held each Spring semester. All student body-elected positions, including the Offices of Academic and At-Large Representative within the General Assembly, as well as UPUA Student Body President and Vice President, are chosen by the undergraduate student body during this election. Community Group Representatives are also chosen by their Community Group organization at this time, though they are not elected via the student body-wide ballot.

To become a Candidate for Office, students must submit a registration packet to the Election Commission during the Registration Period, which referes to “the two Academic weeks prior to the Spring Break of the year in question ending at 5:00 p.m. EST on the Friday before Spring Break of the year in question,” as stipulated in §4.3 of the UPUA’s Election Code. The student must also attend a mandatory information session hosted by the Election Commission. §4.9 of the Elections Code also states that “any student with the intent to run as a write-in candidate, and wishes to campaign before or on election day, must register with the Elections Commission 24 hours prior to when polls open on the start of election day.”

The period in which Canidates may publicly campaign is limited in duration from 8:00 AM EST/EDT twelve (12) academic days prior to Election Day until the close of the polls on Election Day, and all undergraduate students are eligible to vote via the ballot accessible on OrgCentral from 7:30 AM until 9:00 PM on Election Day.


About the UPUA Elections Commission

The UPUA’s Judicial Board serves as the Elections Commission. The Commission has the responsibility to fulfill the provisions of the UPUA Elections Code, obligations of the Constitution and
Bylaws, and the will of the Assembly. The Commission shall be comprised of (at least): a Head Elections Commissioner, a Deputy Commissioner for Candidacy, a Deputy Commissioner for Campaigning, a Deputy Commissioner for Elections Publicity, a Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology, a Deputy Commissioner for Events, a Deputy Commissioner for Finances, a Deputy Commissioner for Records, and a Deputy Commissioner for Outreach. 

Any questions regarding the Elections Commission or the UPUA Elections process should be sent to psuelectionscommission@gmail.com.

For more information on the UPUA Elections process, including the results and violation reports of the 2020 UPUA Election, please visit

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