All powers and responsibilities held by members of the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) come from the organization’s Constitution. This document provides the basis for the UPUA’s authority by the student body & the Board of Trustees. It also establishes the UPUA’s guiding principles, basic structure, and other relevant rules. Amendments to the Constitution must come from the Assembly or from a vote of the Undergraduate Student Body in a Referendum.

The UPUA Constitution

Bylaws of the General Assembly of Student Representatives, as well as the Executive Branch, supplement the Constitution with specific responsibilities of Branch subsidiaries such as Committees and Departments not expressly written in the Constitution. Amendments to all Bylaws come from the bodies which use them.

The Bylaws and Operational Code of the General Assembly

The Bylaws and Operational Code of the Executive Administration

To ensure free and fair elections, the UPUA’s Elections are governed by rules established by the UPUA Elections Code. Amendments to the Elections Code must come from the General Assembly.

The UPUA Elections Code


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