Confidential Reporting Form

Thank you for your interest in the UPUA Reporting Tool. Please read the following instructions in their entirety, as they contain important information on whether this is the appropriate tool for your situation, how your report will be handled, and what options are available to you. 

♦ The primary purpose of this tool is to report member misconduct in a UPUA setting or capacity. This includes, but is not limited to meetings, events, and communication channels. The information collected from this tool will only be reviewed by the Advisor, and those you may wish to specify in the report. 

♦ The UPUA Advisor is a mandatory reporter for Campus Security under the Clery Act, as well as a mandatory reporter for Title IX violations. This tool is not appropriate for those situations. To properly determine whether there is a more appropriate tool to submit your report and where to find it, it is strongly encouraged that you visit 

♦ The University strictly prohibits retaliation against an individual who makes a good faith report of suspected wrongful conduct or participates in an investigation, hearing, inquiry or court proceeding involving suspected wrongful conduct at the University. We encourage you to report any incident of retaliation you experience or witness. The University Policy, AD67, may be reviewed here. 

♦ Upon receipt of your report, the UPUA Advisor will review the details and determine the best course of action. You are permitted to submit a report anonymously, however, it is strongly encouraged that you provide your name and contact information so the Advisor may follow up with you if it is necessary.  

♦ The form includes a section available to submit multimedia files with your report. Penn State IT Security does not permit anonymous file submissions. If you have a Penn State account, you will be required to sign in to submit files, and your name will be collected with all files submitted. If you do not have a Penn State account, please email your files to bqb7@psu.eduand include your name for reference to your report. 

After considering the information above, you may use this link to access the UPUA Confidential Reporting tool.

The first question is an acknowledgment that you have read all the instructions contained herein.