The UPUA’s Executive Branch, made up of the Executive Administration, is responsible for carrying out Acts of the General Assembly, providing services to the student body through programs such as the Student and Organization Rights Advisors (SORA), and maintaining the day-to-day operations of the UPUA. The Executive Administration is led by the Chief Executive Officers: the UPUA Student Body President and Vice President, who together work to represent the undergraduate student body on the Penn State Board of Trustees, the Faculty Senate, the University Park Student Fee Board, the Alumni Council, and more. The branch consists of various Executive Departments which aid the advocacy of the UPUA by facilitating research, financial management, records-keeping, organizational outreach, and internal development. The heads of each Executive Department, known as Executive Directors, are appointed by the UPUA President and serve as members of the Executive Cabinet, which serves as an advisory body to the President and confirms the Directors which make up the various Departments. The UPUA President has the power to nominate Executive Directors and Judicial Board Justices, appoint members of the UPUA to external bodies, and issue Executive Orders creating Executive Departments or directing them to act. Further, before legislation passed by the General Assembly takes effect, the UPUA President may either sign or veto the act. The Executive Office of the President consists of Executive Staff aids in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the UPUA President, and is led by the President’s Chief of Staff. The UPUA Student Body President and Vice President serve one-year terms and are elected as a ticket each spring semester. Executive Directors serve terms that officially end with the swearing-in of the next Chief Executive Officers, but may be kept in their roles by the incoming President for a time before re-confirmation to ensure the continuity of the organization. Members of the Executive Departments do not serve terms and may remain in their roles for as long the President sees fit and so long as they remain undergraduate students at University Park.

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