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What is a Student and Organization Rights Advisor?

For 50 years, UPUA Student and Organization Rights Advisors have been committed to assisting students who have violated any university policy laid out in Penn State’s Code of Conduct. They are an organization by students for students. Anyone who breaks the code must undergo a process through the Office of Student Conduct. An advisor provides non-legal advice to students throughout the process specific to their violation and can accompany students to their conferences with the office of student conduct. SORA is meant only for advising, not for the purpose of presenting or representing on behalf of the student.

Who should contact an advisor?

Any Penn State University Park campus student seeking information or advice on a Student Conduct related violation. Some examples include alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and academic integrity.

How do I request an advisor?

Please make an appointment to meet with an advisor by filling out the form on the landing page of sca.psu.edu.

When should I request an advisor?

Requesting an advisor after an incident regarding the code of conduct is optional, but strongly encouraged. They are a great resource to aid in the conduct process. While they are unable to provide legal advice, they can help make the conduct process as easy as possible. If the student is requesting that the advisor accompanies them to their disciplinary conference, they must notify the Office of Student Conduct at least 24 hours prior to their conference. This is to ensure that an advisor is available.

What is a Student Conduct Conference?

When a conference takes place is decided upon by the Office of Student Conduct, which is located in 120 Boucke. It is here that the outcome of a Code of Conduct violation is decided upon. Depending upon the violation and number of violations a student may have determines the sanction a student may receive. It is not necessary for an advisor to be present during this. Whether or not an advisor is needed is up to the student.

Is a conference required for every incident?

Not necessarily. Depending on the severity and incident itself, sometimes a hearing takes place as opposed to a one on one conference with the student and a Student Conduct officer. However, conferences are the most common. Your advisor will be able to tell you well in advance what to expect and prep you beforehand. Advisors can also accompany students to hearings as well.

What happens after I contact an advisor?

A time to meet may be set up via e-mail or the student may meet with an advisor during a walk-in. During a typical meeting, an encounter report is created by the student and the advisor, which remains completely confidential. Advisors will answer any questions that a student has to the best of their availability. From there, the student may decide whether or not they would like the advisor to accompany them to their conference.

Can I become an advisor?

Yes! Being an advisor is an easy and rewarding way to help other students. Any Penn State University Park student may sign up. Advisors complete four office hours that fit into their schedule each week. During these office hours, advisors will meet with students and give them advice on what steps should be taken next, as well as attend conferences with students when requested. Apply at sora.psu.edu/join/

Email us at upuastudentconductadvisors@gmail.com.

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