Provide Public Comment

The UPUA sets time aside for University Park students to address their elected Representatives at all public meetings of the General Assembly during what is called “Open Student Forum.” Students are encouraged to participate by attending any General Assembly meeting and raising your hand when the Assembly Chair asks if there are any students in attendance for Open Student Forum. Students must be recognized by the Chair and provide their name and Academic College before making a comment. Each student wishing to comment will be given two (2) minutes to address the Assembly on any matter.

We understand that some students are unable to attend General Assembly meetings but would still like to share their voice and opinion to their student government. We encourage those students to complete the form below! Comments submitted here will be read or distributed to the Assembly by the Speaker of the Assembly during the next available Open Student Forum in the event you are unable to attend to address the Assembly yourself. Your name and Academic College will be provided along with the comment.

Please note that all fields must be entered, accurate, and verifiable for your comment to be distributed.

Slander, profanity, and threats will not be tolerated and may, depending on the severity, be brought to the attention of the organization’s advisor and the university.