Anyone can write legislation for the UPUA’s General Assembly to consider! Writing legislation for your UPUA Representatives to sponsor is a great way to amplify your voice and ideas by designating it as the official opinion of the undergraduate student body, distributing Student Fee Dollars to support a new project, and even provide changes to the UPUA Constitution and other governing documents.

If you have an idea that needs support or attention, connect with your UPUA Representative(s) by clicking here. If you’d like to write legislation yourself, you can find the properly-formatted templates for each type of legislation and information about what each kind does below. Note that all legislation needs at least two (2) Representatives to sponsor it before it can be introduced to a Committee or the General Assembly.

Examples of UPUA Legislation can be found here.


Resolution is any legislation that, when passed, become the official opinion of the University Park Undergraduate Student Body. They require a simple majority vote of Representatives present and voting to pass.


Bill is any legislation that authorizes the expenditure of Student Fee Dollars from the UPUA’s Budget. They require a simple majority vote of Representatives present and voting to pass.


A Policy is any legislation that establishes rules internal and within the authority of UPUA that may contain spending provisions. They require a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote of Representatives present and voting to pass, though Amendments to the Constitution require a three-fourths (3/4ths) vote of all Representatives to pass.

Questions about legislation can be directed to the Speaker of the Assembly at speaker@upua.org.

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