The UPUA’s Legislative Branch, the General Assembly of Student Representatives, sponsors, debates, and votes on legislation on behalf of the undergraduate student body. The General Assembly is made up of Student Representatives elected by the Academic Colleges (14 total), Community Groups (currently 9), or the at-large student body (20 total). It is led by the internally-elected Speaker of the Assembly, and consists of various Legislative Committeesled by Committee Chairs, which work to introduce, debate, and pass legislation before it comes to the floor of the General Assembly. Legislation can take the form of Bills which authorize the expenditure of the UPUA’s Budgetmade up of Student Fee Dollars, Policies which amend the Constitution of the UPUA as well as the Bylaws and Operational Code of the General Assembly, and Resolutions which serve as the official opinions of the University Park undergraduate student body. Committees also consist of Committee Staff and Committee Coordinators, who aid the Committee Chairs and Speaker in the drafting of legislation and gain insight into the UPUA’s legislative process. The General Assembly also has the power to confirm presidential appointments and overturn presidential vetoes. Representatives serve one-year terms and are elected each spring semester.

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