Committee on Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee is one of five sub-divisions of the University Park Undergraduate Association’s legislative branch. It serves as a forum to focus student concerns regarding academia and undergraduate education. All academic college representatives are required to sit on the Academic Affairs Committee. This committee also works closely with the University Faculty Senate.


Chair of Academic Affairs

Patricia Birungi

Vice Chair of Academic Affairs

Sydney Gibbard

The Academic Affairs Committee is unique since all Academic Representative are required to sit on it. This is because the Academic Affairs Committee is in charge of relaying concerns to the Faculty Senate and each Academic Representative serves concurrently as a Student Senator on the Faculty Senate.

Student Council Roundtable

As a part of the Academic Affairs Committee’s objective to help focus concerns regarding academics, The 14th Assembly decided to recreate the the Student Council Roundtable. The Student Council Roundtable brings together delegates from all of the academic student councils so that they can improve communication between each other and can work on common academic goals. Below are the names of each student council, the name of their primary contact, and their primary contact’s email.

*The College of Arts and Architecture does not currently have a Student Council

Contact Information

All questions and concerns on these matters and others similar to them can be sent to the Chair at